Get Thousands of Bonus In This Mtn Bonus! Make Free Calls!

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Get Thousands of Bonus In This Mtn Bonus! Make Free Calls!

Post by Dam_berrypromzy on Mon Mar 20, 2017 11:14 pm

Get Thousands of Bonus In This Mtn Bonus! Make Free
Calls! How to get free MTN Credit and make free calls!!
This tutorial will enable you to have more credits than
you spend! Before the day runs out, you wil be having
less than N2500 Bonus Airtime that you can use to
make calls till your battery get flat... (does battery get
flat, as in flat tire? Or we just say low battery?) okay.
Whatever. Now follow the steps to get your free Mtn
credit and make free calls!
Step 1. Join the bonus family, by sending- BONUS to
131. But skip this step if you have already subscribe.
You will receive a message that you are now in and you
will get N30 for every three minutes call you recieve.
Viola! Lets move to the next simple step.
Step 2. Get one of your friends to call you midnight call.
Step 3. Talk and talk and laugh while making the night
call. Though make sure you guys gist for 2hours plus.
The longer the mid-night call the more Free Money MTN
will give you as bonus.
Step 4. After the MId-Night call, the bonus will not be
automatically added, so you don't need to worry, just
relax until it is pass mid-night calls hours like some few
seconds or minutes or hours pass 5.00am.
Then ask the number or any number to call you. this
time the call don't need to even reach a minute, even if
it is for: 0.15seconds. 6. Mtn counter will calculate
everything including the minutes you recieved while
during the Night Call and pay you big bonus!


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